Zoning and Planning (ZAP)

2020 Chair: Jeffrey Stine

The Zoning and Planning (ZAP) Committee works with the City of Denver on regulations and development of private properties (residential as well as commercial) in the context of our neighborhood's concerns. We respond to development items that are up for public comment. These include builders seeking design variances, developers seeking re-zoning of properties, as well as landmark and historic designations. Among our group's other projects is the development of a Design Overlay addition to the Denver Zoning Code.


2020 Chair: Mycroft Smith

This committee manages communicating important information to the neighborhood throughout the year. This includes coordinating updates to the website and social media (Facebook, Nextdoor), sending BRUN update emails to members, and posting meeting and committee updates.


2020 Co-chair: Scott Danenhauer & Meredith Kreiss

To have influence in public and governmental matters, BRUN needs a broad membership base. This committee focuses on maintaining and growing that base, addressing the mechanisms for membership management and initiatives for outreach.   

We stage several community events a year and doing so takes the help of a lot of hands (and feet, backs, heads, etc). Please join us, whether it’s for the full year or a single event -- we can always use your help! Some of the events we put on:

  • Movie Nights
  • Monthly Happy Hours
  • Park and Neighborhood clean-ups 


2020 Chair: Megan Kemp

The Membership Committee supports a variety of BRUN functions by providing the mechanisms required to attract, retain, and grow involvement of community members. 2020 goals include evaluating the current membership model, streamlining membership payment processes, growing the membership base through unique marketing initiatives, and establishing a core membership committee made up of BRUN community members. 

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  • Marie Giedraitis-Edgar
    I like the new website, very much. Thank you to all who are working hard to update it and expand it into the homes of BRUN members and Berkeley-Regis residents. I think this is a powerful tool that can help us care for our neighborhoods, parks, commercial hubs and streets.